With the launch of Denina Mártin Collection we set ourselves a goal to be a responsible and ethical business. So, we defined a few aspects we want to stay committed to especially when it comes to our environmental impact.



With the start of our business we wanted to stay local. We design our pieces here in Sofia. We source our fabrics both locally and from within the EU, trying to minize our carbon impact as much as we can. We produce our collection also locally, supporting small ateliers. And last but not least, we put great passion and love in the entire process, so you get the best product possible.

With fashion’s significant environmental impact, Denina Mártin Collection commits to be as sustainable as possible and continue to introduce more sustainable practices to its business. What we have committed to includes, but is not limited to:

  • local production
  • recyclable and FSC certified packaging, labels, etc.
  • recycling of leftover materials like waste from trimming and cutting
  • a well-measured quantity control to ensure a reasonable produce
  • refusal of the use of plastic for transportation purposes
  • refusal of burning and destroying practices of leftover production

However, we will continue our attempts to be more and more sustainable, as this should be the future of fashion. Our goal is to start using sustainable textiles, and we are working hard on making this possible soon.